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The Company

NAR International is a record production and publishing company, one of the most important on the Italian indie market.
Born in the mid 80’, it’s mainly concentrated, with experience and skills, on the development of musical projects with established artists and new talents.
In the last years, NAR proudly brought to success several artists, as Annalisa Minetti San Remo Festival winner in 1998,
Recently, Nar International published several albums of famous Italian artists like Milva, Loredana Bertè, Mariella Nava, Ivana Spagna, Little Tony and Toto Cutugno with very good results in sales, both in Italy and abroad.

NAR International is also involved in the artistic production of Massimo Ranieri, Anna Oxa and Nino D’Angelo.
NAR is also running a wide Italian pop music catalogue (more than 3500 musical recordings) including Lando Fiorini, Alunni del Sole, Camaleonti, Fred Bongusto, Gil Ventura, Gabriella Ferri, Drupi, Formula tre, Riccardo Fogli, Giorgio Faletti, Gigliola Cinquetti, Fiordaliso, Marisa Sannia, Franco Califano, Il Banco, Giuni Russo, Sabrina Salerno and more.
With the historical label “Altamerea”, it offers also a huge high quality backing tracks catalogue composed by over 3000 Italian and International famous titles.

Has recently acquired more than 450 recordings of Flying Records dance music catalogue, successfully marketed until the mid-90's by UMM (Underground Music Movement) label.